Navigating Through Dynamics GP Report Dictionaries

There are many reports within the many report dictionaries of Dynamics GP. The standard reports for the core modules are all within the Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary (product 0), however there are ancillary modules that come into play, unknown to the user.

One that came up recently, is the In-Transit transfer transaction. From what the user is able to see, this module resides between inventory and purchasing. The In-Transit transfer entry is created in Inventory. The In-Transit Receipt is created through purchasing.

The in-transit transfer has various reports, such as a Pack Slip and a Pick List. Obviously, it would be desired to have these reports modified to mirror the Pick/Pack Slips out of Sales and Manufacturing. In trying to locate this report for modification, the user must know to look to the Field Service module.

When navigating into Report Writer (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Report Writer, the user is prompted for the dictionary:

Report Dictionary Navigation image1.jpg

If you click too fast, you might not even realize this is a drop down to allow you into the various other module’s dictionaries.

Report Dictionary Navigation image2.jpg

If you are trying to modify the word template, you will need to select FieldService as the product:

Report Dictionary Navigation image3.jpg

Now you are ready to modify ANY report that you have seen in GP, once you locate which dictionary it is in.

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