Modifying Checks with Report Writer

A requirement for any Dynamics GP implementation is to modify the PM payables check in Report Writer. Regardless of check format (even those that say they are 'compatible' with Dynamics GP) a few slight adjustments and proper testing are needed. This is necessary to ensure alignment, to meet data requirements, and to accommodate for various address types/formats. In many instances it can be easy and straight forward, as in the case of meeting the requirement to have two stubs on bottom/check on top. Microsoft has published a very useful article outlining the exact steps to do so. (see KB Article 864284).

How to format checks so that the checks are printed with two subs under the check in Payables Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP

There are other instances when getting the check to align properly becomes a challenge. These challenges can be overcome with a little creative thinking and familiarity with Report Writer. Recently a customer contacted Costa Partners with the need to utilize all address fields for the check address. There are a few different ways to accomplish this but tinkering too much with the calculated fields can lead to errors. Without exact instructions, it can prove difficult.

Within Report Writer there is a rw_SelectAddrLine function. Unfortunately, it only allows for three address lines. Therefore, if you utilize Address Line 3 in the Vendor Address Maintenance Card it will not work correctly.

A quick internet search will yield various articles on Calculated fields, however many still have limitations. Because it is hard to accommodate all scenarios within a single Calculated field, it was decided to layer Conditional Calculated fields on top of each other. In order to utilize this approach, the layered fields must result in blank results for all but one – so the logic for each field should be planned out carefully. For this approach, it is recommended to keep the fields very simple as well.

 For example:

If contact was blank, print address 1, else blank.

If contact was not black, print contact, else blank.

In the example below the first address line does not ever result in blank. It is either Contact or Address 1.

Modifying Checks with Report Writer Image1.jpg

For the second field, three separate fields were created. When placing them on the check layout, they are overlap. Note: be sure that the Drawing Options are set to clear.

Modifying Checks with Report Writer Image2.jpg
Modifying Checks with Report Writer Image3.jpg
Modifying Checks with Report Writer Image4.jpg

Similar logic was utilized for all 3 address fields, making some assumptions (example: there would not be a situation where address 1 was blank and address 2 was not blank).

It is recommended to make a backup of your report before attempting any modifications. It is important to note that conditional fields do not import into a new report dictionary. Be sure to create the fields in the production dictionary before importing the report layout.

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