Smartlist Will Not Launch

Recently, a client experienced an issue with SmartList.  It had stopped launching completely for the sa user. When clicking on the SmarList menu (Microsoft Dynamics GP > SmartList), nothing would happen. It was confirmed that the window was not hidden behind the main window.  It was not on a separate monitor/etc.  It was also confirmed that when hovering over the Microsoft Dynamics GP Icon, that no other windows were active.

smartlist will not launch image1.jpg

The first test was to confirm that it was only this user, and not this specific workstation. A test was performed with a named user, and it was confirmed that it worked properly and only the sa user seemed to experience the issue.

Through some research, it was determined that the SY01402 (System User Defaults) table, contained the SmartList launch settings. In reviewing the records, it was apparent that the sa user had a value of FALSE in the SYUSERDFSTR field for syDefaultType 96 (96 indicates the smartlist window).

In order to resolve this issue, have the user log out of GP. Launch SQL Server Management Studio and run the script below (by replacing the USERID) against the DYNAMICS database:

update sy01402 set SYUSERDFSTR = 'TRUE~506~792~1~1~177~' where USERID = 'USERID' and syDefaultType = '96'

Confirm resolution by having the user log back in to confirm. As always, please use caution when running scripts against the DYNAMICS and Company databases.

For assistance or any questions, please contact: